We're excited to announce our Terra 2.0 mainnet and testnet release!Try it now


Terra infrastructure
doesn't have to be a nightmare

Our high availability LCD API provides fast and reliable access to the Terra network so you
can focus on building and scaling next generation protocols.

Built for developers

Thanks to our simple interface and documentation, you will feel just at home.

Enterprise grade infrastructure

Top of the line cloud infra following industry best practices for maximum uptime.

Strong Terra expertise

Built by Terra veterans, get the best performance with your subscription.

Our perks

Take your
Terra project to
the next level

Spend less time on your infrastructure and more time building your project. We remove the headache of running your own fullnodes and lower the barrier to entry for your engineers while keeping the highest level of security and reliability.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about us and our upcomming plans and services.

Who is Setten?

Setten is based in Switzerland and was created in February 2021 by an ex-TFL employee.

For over a year, we ran our validator and contributed to the Terra ecosystem (Mirror protocol front-end, Telegram LTV bot, etc.).

We have decided to take the big step of using our deep knowledge of Terra infrastructure to create the best Blockchain as a Service offering available. We think this will benefit the whole ecosystem and empower developers to build awesome projects.

Will you have a free plan?

Yes! We will have a comprehensive free plan available to everyone.

It will be generous enough to let any developer fiddle with the ecosystem and kickstart new projects.

We're also considering a free plan on steroids for our validator's delegators.

What services will be included?

All our plans (including the free tier) give you access to the Light Client Daemon API of each major Terra network (currently Phoenix mainnet and Pisco testnet).

We have a lot more services in the pipeline and will publish a roadmap soon after initial release.

What is a Light Client Daemon (LCD)?

The light client daemon (LCD) provides a REST-based adapter to the blockchain data.

It enables apps like wallets, frontends, and backend services to communicate with the blockchain through a simple HTTP interface.